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The Next Themes

Here's something for everyone to chew on this week.

Like Trees in Wintertime


We're Havin' a Heat Wave

Some more themes

We're getting pretty loosey goosey with the themes here, so just get it in when you can

Under Pressure


Ice, Ice, Baby

I would also like to know the general opinions on what we should do with this forum.  I don't think it would be a bad idea to open it up as a writing discussion as well as a place to post stories, but your opinions are important to me.  :)

Second 2009 Opportunity

The themes for this week are:

I've got a hole in me pocket


University of W(h)ales

Get going!!!

All Together Now...

New Year Butt Kicks

Happy New Year! I wish you all prosperity and new opportunities!

Oh, here's one now!

New Year Themes:




Go to it, everyone! :)


In SF, writers often date themselves when they mention futuristic products, giving them names that are often more functional than a brand name would be.

An example of this might be a made-up word like "Plast-o-seal" to describe a self-sealing plastic bag. But we know these today as Ziploc bags.

If you say "Hand me a Kleenex," someone would hand you a tissue, even if it is a Puffs.
If you say Reynold's Wrap, everyone knows it is aluminum foil, even if you call the Kroger brand foil Reynold's Wrap.

So here's the bonus:

Think of what a product of the future might be, and what it would be called, then. What would be its defining feature that gives it its name? Or does the name follow from the product at all?

You could also post a product of today you suspect might stand the test of time.

Oops! Sorry They're Late!

Christmas season has been a bit of a frenzy for me, so I didn't realize the next subjects were due.

Okay, this is a butt kick--for me as much as you. Get writing!

(now I have to think up a few subjects)

Old friends


New Years

Get moving!!

Recover from NaNo? Happy Holidays!

Dear friends,

I hope November was a wonderful novel-writing month for you. If NaNoWriMo (www.nanowrimo.org) wasn't your goal, then I hope you had a good November anyway. I'd like to return to new themes in this December so that I can focus once more on turning out some copy. (My novel is still in progress.)

The themes for Monday, December 15, are




I wish everyone well this December holiday season.

Subjects to Start the NaNo Month

 In honor of

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month--www.nanowrimo.org)


GinNovEdMo (Gigne's November Editing Month--gigne.livejournal.com/)


any other declared writing projects for the month of November, 2008:

Stealth Operation


It's So Obvious

Are you fired up, yet?

New Themes

Your favorite kitchen gadget


Your favorite tool from your toolbox

Late Subjects

 What's in the Closet?


What's Under the Stairs?